How to Bind Off Drop Stitch – Part 1

This is the first of two bind off techiques I will show you, that come in handy when you have to drop stitches while you bind off. Like for example, if you knit my Drop Dead Gorgeous Loop. As you may know, if yo ever tried: the challenge is to leave the right amount of yarn for the drop between the two bound off stitches right and left of the gap. This first alternative additionally uses a cable needle or a double pointed needle in the same size as your knitting needle, (I used a slightly smaller blue one for better visibility here). You can find my other tutorial on how to bind off drop stitch here.

1. Bind off all stitches until the stitch that has to be dropped (aka the drop stitch) is the first on your left needle. Knit that stitch (and others if they have to be dropped as well) using your cable needle.

2. Put the cable needle with your drop stitch(es) behind your work.

3. Continue to bind off ignoring the drop stitch(es) on the cable needle for now.

4. Take out the cable needle and drop the stitch(es). This is the most fun and you don’t have to wait for the round to end to enjoy it. You may start with step four as soon as you bound off a couple of regular stitches.

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