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Hi there! Today it’s my turn to host the blogtour for Hitch. As I designed the Annie Pullover with Annie Hayworth, a character of “The Birds” in mind, I would like to use this opportunity to tell you, why I love this Hitchcock movie so much:

– I love that Hitchcock movies with their suspense and mysterious atmosphere that are turning normal situations into something creepy.

– I knit like a ticking clockwork when a movie is very exiting.

– The film begins like a perfect crewball comedy and is full of humour.

– The scene where Melanie is driving down a curvy costal road and he shows us those curves through the two birds in their cage, that lean sideways to follow those curves is both funny and genial.

– The dialogues between Melanie and Annie are great – and even better when you watch it again and know the plot. 😉

– Most of all the scene where Melanie is waiting for the break in front of the school house and lighting her cigarette is worth seeing the whole film. Behind her you can see the deserted playground and an empty climbing frame. You can see that a single crow settles down on the frame behind her. Cut to a close-up of Melanie smoking and not looking behind her. A couple of seconds later you see that there are more crows on the climbing frame now. Melanie is still smoking and ignorant of the crows gathering behind her. When finally one crow flys through her field of vision and she turns to watch where it is flying she discovers to her and our horror, that the whole olayground is covered with crows. It’s more or less just two static camera points: the close-ups of Melanie and the totals of the playground. The cuts are few and the time between them is generous (things that are not very present in film-making nowadays), to the effect that you get afraid of what you might see the next time you can see the playground. Until then all is quiet, but the suspense is killing you.

And now it’s your turn: why do you love Hitchcock or which is your favorite Hitchcock scene? If you’d like to win a digital copy of Hitch for your very own, tell me so in the comments and don’t forget to please leave your ravelryID or e-mail-address, so it can reach you. The give-away is open until Sunday, October 13! I will then draw a winner by random number generator. Good luck!

The contest is now closed, the winner will be announced later today.


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