Knitting and Crochet Blog Week – Day 7

Knitting and Crochet time / Zeit zu Stricken

While this post gets published I’m enjoying some of my favorite knitting times and surroundings: I sit in a train and watch the landscape flying by. It’s really wonderful and peaceful. Usually I have my iPod with me and listen to music or even more often to cast on. Brendy Dayne’s soothing voice is relaxing on it’s own. Combined it’s crafting heaven.

I’m also guilty of being a TV knitter. It’s something I inherited from my mum. We are both rather restless and just sitting in front of a tv and not doing anything else is seldom heard of. It also works the other way around, if I have to finish a knit, I watch a film to keep me in the mood. Although it is also lovely to chat to someone while knitting, I find it rather difficult, as I use my hands a lot while talking. I’m able to do it, it’s just not me. 😉

WĂ€hrend dieser Post online erscheint, bin ich weit weg von meinem Computer und freue mich ĂŒber ein wunderschönes Stricksetting: Ich sitze im Zug und die Landschaft zieht an mir vorbei. Wie meistens habe ich meinen iPod dabei und höre entweder Musik oder noch hĂ€ufiger

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