Dorset Buttons

Today it’s all about how to make dorset buttons yourself.

Basicly a Dorset Button is a button covered with yarn. 10 of them will be part of my new cardigan soon. They are lightweight and match perfectly because they are made of the same yarn. I didn’t get the orignal rings you need to make them, but these “creative buttons” for a bargain. So I had to give it a try.

there weren’t any finished buttons in it, of course

Beside the buttons you need a tapestry needle, scissors and yarn. I split my cotton yarn and just used 2 of the strands. Length: ca. 3 metres.

1. Secure the end of the yarn with a knot.

2. Pass the needle through the hole in the middle from front to back. Catch the yarn loop.

3. Pull. I covered the whole button clockwise with those stitches.

Same with hands:

4. After covering half the button also cover the end of the yarn.

5. After covering the whole button you can secure the thing from twisting with a line of stitches.


6. Weave in end – your lovely dorset button is finished!

Additional advice: the knots will not be automaticly in the same distance to the upper edge. You can cange this with your thumb quite easily.

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