Elinor is finally blocking and more

I am having a couple of days off this week and so I finally have some time on my hands again for the more interesting things in life… like crafting and blogging. The big news is already in the title: I blocked my pink Elinor today. I finished knitting it almost four weeks ago, but never made it to weaving in the ends and blocking it until now. It’s such a rewarding feeling to really finish a project. So now I “just” have to overhaul the pattern and make some nice pictures for the blog. And then I can and will start knitting something new soon.


There is also some sewing related stuff. I will write about that in a seperate post as it is just too much to squeeze it all in this one post…

In case you are following this blog regularly and were wondering what happende to MMM’14 (or may generally): I managed to take pictures of me almost every day and tried not to repeat outfits, I even uploaded the first batch of pictures to the blog, but unfortunately I never found the time to label and ultimately post them. May was just busy as hell. I was a bit disappointed as there is only one me-made challenge a year and I wasn’t able to take an active (or even passive) part in it this year. But such is life… and perhaps I’m going to start posting the outfits anyway.


I have started reading “My Name is Red” by Orhan Pamuk last month. I’m about one third in and I really like it. It’s about art and the start of worldly portrait painting in the renaissance seen through the eyes of eastern illustrators. It’s also a love story and a whodunit. And the language is lovely and poetic.

This post is part of Tami’s Amis WiP-Wednesday and Ginny’s Yarn Along.

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