My Tools for Blocking Knits

Last friday Tami asked about how to best block her new hat and there were a couple of interesting comments that inspired me to share my favorite tools for blocking knits with you today.

1. Stainless steel pins and a big towel. These are useful for most flat items like shawls and sweater pieces before seaming up. You just pat the damp knit in form and fix it with the needles or for lace knits you first pin it dry and then spray it.

blocking towel and pins

2. There are also many unorthodox things you can use for blocking. There are people who use ballons for blocking hats, for example. I found my favorite blocking tool in the rubber department, too: May I introduce Thing – rubber gloves filled with rice. They are very useful for blocking gloves and for scaring visitors, too. 😀

blocking gloves

3. Another tool for blocking knits I’m regularly borrowing from the kitchen: this lid has the perfect size for blocking berets.

blocking a beret

 4. And last, but not least a vase that once belonged to my grandmother and that together with a bowl has just the right size to block my hats.

hat blocking

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