Knitted Baby Booties

knitted baby booties

Today I’m finally writing about knitting again! About tiny cute knitted baby booties to be precise. I have knitted them already twice this year as presents for friends. The knitting pattern is Oh Baby! Baby Booties by DoubleDiamondKnits, which I had laying around here for years. The same goes for the warm merino wool of the two-coloured version and the cotton of the green booties. These are remnants of my small Flip-Tops, the two-coloured Dome Hat and Daphne and they were much to precious to throw away or rot in my stash. The baby booties knitted in wool were knitted in the recommended yarn weight, the cotton ones for the summer baby in a thinner yarn. But this worked out beautifully, too and the shoes are just a tiny bit smaller than the other ones and still big enough.

knit baby booties in cotton in progress

The shoes are knitted flat. You first knit the upper part that is folded down later from the side and then you pick up stitches along the long side of this part. The foot part is formed by Increases, Decreases and again by picking up stitches. I also love that seaming them was made easier by the forgiving garter stitch. In theory you could make the in a weekend, so this would also make a great last-minute gift. And teh result is just soooo cute and darling without being too frilly. I think they rather look stylish and a bit like uggs…





knitted baby booties - the sole

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