Knitted Finished Objects of Others – Lace Scarf

It’s show and tell once again. 🙂 How I love this! This time I want to show you two lovely lace scarfs knitted by Petra. She used my Sainte-Marie scarf pattern and knitted a lovely pink lace scarf and a white version for summer (which is finally here) in almost no time. And we are talking two weeks – no time – here! The look just amazing and I can’t decide which one I like more. By the way: the white lace scarf has been knitted in a more delicate yarn so she added two pattern repeats to its width.

So without more text – here is your eye candy:

Sainte-Marie Lace Scarf detail in white

A white summery lace scarf knitted with the Sainte-Marie Lace Scarf Pattern.

Sainte-Marie - lace scarf in pink

Sainte-Marie detail in pink


A big Thank you to Petra who kindly allowed me to share the pictures. I’m so happy that she enjoyed the knitting and also finished objects!

I love seeing the finished objects made from my patterns and I also love sharing them here with you! So if you made something and want to share – please send me a picture of your project, too.

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