What am I knitting now?


Any idea? Looks a bit like parts of a flower like this, doesn’t it? I just started this little project sunday night and last night I almost finished it. All that’s left to do is closing a seam and adding some ties. Any closer? It’s going to be a little baby hat!

A friend of mine is having her first baby at the end of the year, so last weekend I started to look for something cute to make for the little girl. I found this hat and couldn’t resist casting on immediately. I just hoped the yarn would be enough as it was just a remnant. And it was! I still have enough to add extra long ties so the hat won’t have to be tied under the chin. Instead, if the ties are long enough, you can cross them on the chest and tie them on the back or even front again (under the arms). This is much more comfortable for the baby, I have learned. The pattern is Alladin by Drops Design.

Further updates: I also did some progress on my cable-project, but ran out of yarn. So I’ll have to check this week, if my local yarn shop still has a ball of it. Cables are such yarn eaters! I finished “My name is red” by Orhan Pamuk and haven’t started reading something elsy yet. And I finally cut the lining for my plaid skirt. But also there: no real progress to show…

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