While not a participant myself this time, I have been following Me-Made-June quite eagerly. Not only the blog of great Zoe herself and Flickr, but also on a blog that has grown quite dear to me over the last month: “Did You Make That?” I have been following Karen’s blog for a while now but more as a kind of sporadic visitor. But in this last month she hooked me. There is no turning back! I will very devotedly follow her every step/post now (do I sound creepy?!). Last month she did not only showcase her cute me-made clothes/accessories and her one of a kind humor, the thing that totally won me over has been the idea to take the me-made-june photo each day with a complete stranger. The results are incredible! It’s amazing what this woman is able to do once she’s set her mind to it! Go and have a look yourself! *poke*

So welcome to my blogroll, Karen!

PS: Yes, I’m a bit sad that I have only been a spectator from the outside this time, but it has been for the best. Next time I’m sure I’m going to participate again.

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