My sewing plans for summer 2014

My sewing mojo came back once again with the early summer heat we were having here. Going back through the blog it seems that it always works like that for me. But this time I decided to try a new approach and to start more than one project while I have the time this week and my motivation is strong. The start (aka copying the pattern, making alterations, a muslin and finally cutting the fabric) is always the part that is the biggest hurdle for me because it isn’t easily broken up into small bits. So this time I tried to copy all three patterns first, do the alterations/FBAs for all next and then make the muslins and finally cut the fabric for all three. After that I can break down the actual sewing into the baby steps that work best with my tight schedule on regular work weeks at the moment. So here are the three projects I’m trying to kick-start this week:


1. The dark blue linen blouse I have been talking about last year will finally come into being this summer! I copied it already and the body is also already altered as I am working with my tried chiffon-blouse pattern for that. I hacked the cut of the roll-up sleeve from the pictured pattern, though. I dyed the linen this spring when I dyed my long-sleeve shirt. So all that is needed now is cutting the fabric.


2. A summer dress. During last weekend’s heat wave I realized that I only have one proper summer dress that is airy and not black! That needs to be remedied a.s.a.p.! This dress has caught my eye in burda magazine when it came out last year. So when I had to visit the fabric department of Karstadt on tuesday and stumbled upon a cute printed cotton polyester batiste that fit the bill in the remnant corner, I new I had a winner! I washed the fabric yesterday, the pattern is copied and altered. A muslin is still on the list before cutting. And I still have to find some suitable lining fabric.


3. A second blouse. The one with the flower batiste and black yoke, the one I intend to add to my wardrobe for over two years now! This time I have already copied the pattern – and that twice as I realized I did the wrong size after the first start. Damn! That’s what 35°C are doing to my brain… So there will be a classic princess seam FBA still to do. Not sure about a muslin, as this is just a standard alteration.

On a side note: Perhaps you noticed the slightly worse picture quality than usual. That’s because these pictures were taken with my phone. I started tracking my sewing plans/list with Wunderlist on my phone and discovered the possibility to add a picture to the listed items. So when I already know which pattern and fabric I’m going to use, I’m snapping a picture of it and add it to the listed item. I also note the pattern number and such there. Handy little thing… Do you use a similar system to track down your plans? Before I always had hand written lists everywhere, which wasn’t such a big help.

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