Test knit the Melting Ice Sweater!


Here I am again. I finally settled on a name for the pink sweater: Melting Ice Sweater. Very true to the inspiration – dripping icicles that are slowly melting in the winter sun – and also a good name for a winter sweater, I think (obviously). I started a thread in the Free Pattern Testing group to test knit the melting ice sweater, like I planned last week! If you are interested in test knitting it, please join the group and volunteer in the thread. I would be very happy to welcome more testers!!! Sizes are running like this: 84 (91, 99, 107, 112, 119) cm // 33 (36, 39, 42, 44, 47)” Bust and High Hip circumferrence. More details on measurements and on how tst knitting works can be found in the thread.


So with my big knitting project finished, I picked up an unfinished project from last winter (some of you might recognize it). And: I’m still loving it! I’ve been knitting on some chunky yummy cables during last week’s fall weather and there was something so very comforting about it… The perfect pairing. I also found some time and calm to read again and so I’m finally reaching the last couple of chapters of “The Colour Red” by Orhan Pamuk.

It’s funny how, even though “Back to school” isn’t part of my schedule, it feels like everything is settling into a rhythm again and I’m actually getting things done. Do you feel the same?

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