The pink Elinor Shawlette is growing

140409_1_Elinor Shawlette

Slowly, but surely my pink version of the Elinor Shawlette is growing. I’ve knitted 9 full lace repeats and am ready to head into the short row section in the middle. I’ve calculated that I should have used up only 43 to 44% of the yarn yet. The scale says I’m left with 55g of the 99g that were there at the start. So I wonder, if there will be enough yarn. Shall I gamble on that or shall I knit the short row section in a different yarn – I’m mildly interested in how this might look. It might be cool or not. But which colour to choose? And something at the back of my mind is pushing the idea of using reversed stockinette for this section… So honestly – I’m stuck. Really stuck. Over a week now. So I’m using this post to ask you: Do you have any ideas??? What shall I do?

Elinor Shawlette Detail

Without knitting, my reading time has gained considerably and I started reading “Raising Steam” by Terry Pratchett. I’m already in the last third of the book and I enjoy it very much. So much in fact, that I have been told that I’m smiling/grinning all the time while reading it… The story in a nutshell: the railway gets invented on discworld and Moist von Lipwig is on the forefront of the resulting movement. It’s not only the witty dialogues (and monologues), but also the astonishing love of detail and technique that is polished so much it gleams through every chapter, that make me love this book (or in fact all discworld novels about inventions like “The Truth” about printing or “Going Postal” about the post itself). Really something you should read!

Elinor Shawlette Progress

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