The Twisted Twisted Yoke Tales

It’s been a month now since my last post. It certainly doesn’t feel that long. Especially as the twisted yoke sweater – as I plan on calling it – is still not finished and I have been knitting the yoke part during the whole time. Parts of it three times (!!!). A lot of fun with 240 stitches to a round 😉 But I love how all is finally coming together and hope to be starting the test knitting for the knitting pattern on ravelry later this month.


So what happened? I started knitting the yoke the first time and when I reached the point where the actual pattern starts I realised that it didn’t work out. Some counting revealed that I hadn’t enough stitches in my needles. The reason proofed to be a stupid mistake I made while pattern writing. Next try – with the right numbers and counting it twice on the start to be sure. I worked up to the same point and started to wonder, why the h*** the pattern wasn’t positioned alike on both sleeves as it should. Reason: with all the counting, I still managed to put the wrong stitches on the holder. Yes, one of the arms was obviously intended for some sad deformed creature that had one arm growing out of their back… That time reworking all those yoke stitches really was annoying and went rather slowly. But since then it’s been going along well and I can almost smell the neckline from where I am now 😉


I also still read the same book “My name is Red” by Orhan Pamuk when I find some reading time. I still have about a quarter of the book ahead of me. What can I say – it’s summer 😀 and I hope you are enjoying it as well!

This post is part of Tami’s Amis WiP Wednesday and Ginny’s Yarn Along.

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  1. Your pattern looks very beautiful – looking forward to the finished sweater! I really enjoyed my name is red. Have you read snow by pamuk yet? A great book too!

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