WiP Wednesday June 24 2015

Here is what I am currently working on sewing wise:

stickblumen_farbeIt’s going to be short sleeved summer shirt. Made from the same pattern as my beloved black linen blouse(1st picture). I still hope that the weather can be pursuaded to change into summer mode… It’s been really hard to take a decent picture today. It’s a really cool and grey june so far. I chose this pattern because I love the other shirt I made with it still so much and still wear it regularly and I need a new shirt as the fabric of my green short sleeved (store-bought) shirt slowly but surely is showing the wear it has had. The shirt that is going to be replaced has puff-sleeves and while there is are also puff sleeves for this pattern (which I also traced when originally sewing the pattern) I voted for the regular ones. I try to sew mainly from stash. My stash is too big. Really. I recently tried to move it all into one place – a really big chest of drawers bought solely for that purpose – and I couldn’t fit it all in there. That has been one sobering experience I can tell you. So I resolved to not buy new fabric until I made a serious dent in this fabric mountain. I chose a white embroidered cotton batiste I had lying around for some years and decided to dye it green with some fabric dye I unearthed while sorting through all my stuff earlier this year. The result was surprising: I thought the embroidery might not take the dye as yarn often is synthetic after all – but it did beautifully. The fabric on the other hand seems not to be the pure cotton it has been sold for (at a big department store). Anyway, the fabric of the shirt had also been patterned so the result fits the bill almost to good to be true and nice patterned fabric it often so hard to come by so dying is becoming a new obsession for me quite fast. But that is another post for the near future.

On my needles is currently a baby sock for a colleague’s baby shower next week and I read “The fourth Bear” by Jasper Fforde. I have been slowly reading my way though his Thursday Next Series over the last couple of months and I am enjoying his company a lot.

I’m linking to Ginny’s Yarn Along as usual. Hi there!

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