Wrist warmers in summer

black wrist warmers

Today I have a little WiP Post for you again. At the moment I’m knitting some wrist warmers in Novena, a really warm and soft wool/alpaca/nylon blend. Luckily so far this summer has been only hot for a few days at a time and then goes back to rainy spring weather – so they are coming along rather fast despite the season. I have almost finished the first one already. The pattern is “Fitted Mitts” by Nina Hyland. It’s a free download on ravelry. I followed the pattern mostly as it is. I just adjusted the stitches to my gauge and measurements and added purl columns to the thumb as well. These wrist warmers are for the granny of a good friend. This made another friend remark about remembering a not so distant time when it was the other way around. We are all growing older. It seems to be the time roles are switching…


My new blouse is going along pretty well, too. The collar is finally attached and I stitched the button bands last night. As I overlooked that a bias tape was needed for the collar when I cut the fabric and just dyed the cut pieces I didn’t have any matching bias tape for the collar. The original white fabric wasn’t my first choice for a collar facing so I looked through my stash. I found a remnant of a red dotted bias tape that was just long enough and did the trick. I really like the look of it! (You can catch it peaking out in the picture below.) (If you are a long-time reader you might recognize my wardrobe is darker than usually – I actually didn’t tinker with the colours, but finally refinished it!!!)


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