Zwischenstand – 05.03.2014 – Shop, Annie Pullover & Sewing

It’s been a while. So there is a lot of progress on my several WiPs that I can show you today. My biggest Work in Progress at the moment is this page. A lot of work went into it during the last couple of weeks. Not only mine, but also that of a good friend and wordpress wizard who crafted the brand new shop for this site (check out the menu bar – there it is: “shop”) and is now working on another long planned improvement: splitting up the languages. No more Denglisch mish-mash. A seperate site for each language it’s going to be. So rather than knitting and writing up patterns, I’ve been typing in content and recategorizing the blog-archieve.


I’ve been able to sneak in a little knitting and sewing(!) here and there none-the-less. I finished knitting the Annie Pullover more than two weeks ago. During the last evenings I weaved in the ends and started sewing the two pieces together. I know, I should have blocked the pieces before sewing them together, but what can I say, it was late in the evening and I was working on auto-pilot. So I’m going to block it after I closed that last 20cm of shoulder seam. An then there is a kind of resurrection I can announce: my sewing-mojo finally showed up again and I started working on my long-sleeve again. You may remember this shirt from last august… Yes, it’s been that long. I finally attached the sleeves to the body pieces and shirred them. Not bad, if you know that I did this during 5 minute gaps in the monings before work. Big thanks for that idea to Lauren from Lladybug, whose post on why she is so effective sparked that idea! So much for today, what’s on your needles?


This post is part of Tami’s Amis WiP Wednesday and Ginny’s Yarn Along.

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  1. The sweater is lovely. I just can’t stand to seam before blocking. I hate fighting the curling edges! All this sewing on the blogs make me want to crack out my machine, but it needs a serious tune-up!

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